Telematics system SENtrack DS

Maximum efficiency in fleet management with SENtrack DS

Use information that would otherwise remain hidden and increase your efficiency: With the telematics system SENtrack DS, important data of your machines is recorded via a communication module and transmitted via mobile network to our online database. Via your personal online access, you can view them in real time and receive valuable information on how to work more efficiently.

How can I increase my efficiency with SENtrack DS?

SENtrack DS links the data provided by your machine and uses it to calculate important information for the efficient operation of your machine and seamless processes. This way you can achieve the following, among other things:

  • Route analysis and route optimisation: GPS positioning enables the tracing and optimisation of daily routes travelled on the company's own premises.
  • Overview of position & utilization: The current position of the machine is displayed via GPS and on a map.
  • Simple & reliable maintenance planning: automatic display of maintenance intervals, convenient transmission of machine status, location and most important machine data to service partners


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What information does SENtrack DS provide me with?

Via the SENtrack DS telematics system, numerous machine data can be conveniently accessed online - e.g:

  • operating hours
  • degree of utilization
  • fuel consumption
  • engine temperature
  • hydraulic pressures
  • position & routes

Also available as retrofit kit

Use SENtack DS also for your existing fleet. The retrofit kit can be installed easily and usually without SENNEBOGEN personnel.

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